performances and concerts


11 November: COVID-19 CANCELLATION New songs, written during the first ‘intelligent lockdown’ in NL. Short set at Mezrab, during storytelling night, Amsterdam

2 October: In()side, 9 Days of Transformative Human Gardening, initiated by Branka Zgonjanin. I dance a duet with shakuhachi player Ab Baars: Even The Houses Are Dancing And All Is Well.

Abroad again. Even the houses are dancing.

In all the uncertainties of Amsterdam

I reread old diaries to remember who I am

From the poem: Forgetful Angel by Damion Searls

Arising from a natural desire to continue working in extraordinary global and local circumstances, Ab Baars and Lily Kiara met early mornings in parks, dunes and at sea to dance and play music during sunrise.

The connection with nature and the elements and each other in the quiet and silence of the early mornings were a kind of home coming: a sense of belonging to something bigger while remaining in place; a sense of familiarity in dance and music while so much seemed new and uncertain; a sense of being in touch while touch is not a given possibility. 

Ab Baars and Lily Kiara have performed together in several constellations. Their shared attention to silence in their own work lead to an exchange in Lily’s longtime project Field of Disappearance / Silent Dances. ‘Even the houses are dancing and all is well’ seems a natural furthering of their collaboration. It was first performed in a live stream at Studio150 in August, curated by Joost Buis. 

photos by Thalia Laric

20 September: The RIVER plays live at De Tanker in Noord, Amsterdam, 15:00. The audience sits outside while we play inside. Corona protocols in place. With Joost Buis, Felicity Provan, Michael Vatcher, Lily Kiara and guest Paul Pallesen.

16 August: Live stream at Studio 150, Amsterdam. Curated by Joost Buis. Improvisations with music by Ab Baars, Wilbert de Joode, Michael Vatcher, Joost Buis. I dance a duet with shakuhachi player Ab Baars and during the tutti part with all.

17 April: COVID-19 CANCELLATION music gig at Luna Lounge in Londen, UK. I play 20:00-21:00 and London guitarist Leslie Bell joins me in my songs. A gig before we need a visa to play there after Brexit!

8 April: COVID-19 CANCELLATION Mixture at Zaal 100, Amsterdam. An evening with music and dance. I dance a duet with Barbara Pereyra (without musicians). de Wittenstraat 100, starts 21:00, €5-€10 sliding scale.

6 April: COVID-19 CANCELLATION I dance in a duet with pianist Nora Mulder. An evening with improvised music and dance. De Roze Tanker. Starts 21:00. Includes a music set with Ada Rave (saxophone, bass clarinet), Aaron Lumley (double bass), Sun Mi Hong (percussion, drums) and from Czech Republic: Radim Hanousek (clarinet).

5 April: COVID-19 CANCELLATION Wonderland, dance & music performances with children and family. OT301, 15:15 0-2 & 16:15 2+

5 April: COVID-19 CANCELLATION Dance & Music performance at Dokzaal, Amsterdam. 20:30 + exhibiton of drawings by Roberta Stepankova. I take part dancing. Initiated by Roberta Stepankova with musicians from Brno, Czech Republic.

27 March COVID-19 CANCELLATION : Ditdit-dada-ditdit at De Ruimte: Beautiful tasty food and performances in between courses / i play a solo set of songs and poems

6 March: Come Together #5. Frascati 2 at 20:00 & 21:15. Short new solo work RESONANCE, testing the water tuning into songs and silence. Part of a 3 day sharing event with Amsterdam based performing artists, 5, 6, 7 March.

4 February – 9 April: FROM 16 MARCH & APRIL COVID-19 CANCELLATION performances ‘ z a c h t j e s ‘ at kindergartens in The Hague and Almere. Continuing working on dance in silence with 2-4 year olds. Organized by 2TurvenHoog and Jong Beginnen.

30 January: songs at Night of True Stories at het Wereldhuis. Donations go to het Wereldhuis to be able to provide a warm meal every day for undocumented migrants who live in Amsterdam. I play a few songs in between stories from different countries. Host is Milda Varnauskaite

24 January: poetry & songs at Samizdat night at Mezrab, stories from the underground

9 January: With my band The RIVER at DE RUIMTE in Amsterdam! With Joost Buis, Felicity Provan, Michael Vatcher, Michael Moore, Julyen Hamilton, Lily Kiara


27 November: dance + songs / I participate in ‘Pearls on a String’ a night of improvisations at Mezrab, run by Sahand Sahebdivani

17 November: solo at ZAMEN, with several poets, Zamenhofstraat 150, 1022 AG Amsterdam / 15:00

6 November: solo gig at café PONAVA, Luzanecká 3, 60200 Brno, Czech Republic / 19:00

2 November: dance solo SILENT DANCES + quintet Immediatus / Blue Balcony XI / 20:00, Brnēnská Káznice, Bratislava 68, Brno, Czech Republic

11 October: Splendor / starts 20:00 / entrance €8 online voorverkoop, €10 at door / Across the Pond Guitar Festival / Jimmy Robinson, my tour mate from New Orleans is coming to tour in Europe. We share a few gigs in Amsterdam. This festival we have been organizing in New Orleans and in Amsterdam, inviting local musicians in each place. See Splendor for more info. This time with: Jimmy Robinson (guitar), Joost Buis (lap steel guitar), Paul Pallesen (guitar), Otto Cepella (guitar), David Dramm (guitar, vocals), Lily Kiara (guitar, vocals) and Alan Gunga Purves (drums, percussion)

8 October: Witte G’eit, De Nieuwe Anita / starts 21:00 / entrance €2 (or more) / 3 acoustic sets with different artists / Jimmy Robinson, my tour mate from New Orleans is coming to tour in Europe. We share a few gigs in Amsterdam. He plays one set. I play a set in a new group with Ismail Bnaou who sings in Arabic, including some songs from the Northern part of Syria, and drummer Robbert van Hulzen.

2 October: Welcome to the Playground, Mezrab /storytelling and music in an enlarged living room set up / starts 20:00 / Jimmy Robinson, my tour mate from New Orleans is coming to tour in Europe. We share a few gigs in Amsterdam. This one is mostly Jimmy and i’ll play a little something too. Always a special night!

6 September: The Jester’s Stew, story telling night run by Raphael Rodan at Mezrab. Magical. Always. Theme this night is Freedom. I have been invited to play a few songs. Come join us! Welcome!

13 June: SISTER SISTER, a new duet with dance and music / with musician Felicity Provan (trumpet, vocals) + lights by Ellen Knops / music dance performance festival OT301 / starts 19:30, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

Sun 9 June: solo songs / 12:00-16:00 / during Kunstroute Nieuwkoop

Tue 4 & Mon 17 June: z a c h t j e s, invitation into stillness and dance / solo performance for 2-4 / in frame of Jong Beginnen, initiated and produced by 2TurvenHoog / Kindergartens / Almere

Mon 13 May: l e i s e , invitation into stillness and dance / solo performance for 2-4 / in frame of Potsdamer Tanztage 2019 / 10:30 & 14:00 Kita Königskinder Kindergarten in Potsdam, G

Sun 21 April: Concert & Celebration / concert to celebrate my 50th birthday and for my crowdfunding campaign | Mezrab | playing with Ismail Bnaoe (vocals), Felicity Provan (trumpet, vocals), Joost Buis (lap steel guitar) + duo Ada Rave (saxophone) & Felicity Provan (trumpet) | more names will follow! | starts 20:00 | Amsterdam

Sun 14 April: Verso / Mass | literary night | i dance solo | Mezrab | starts 19:30 | A’dam

Wed 3 April: The RIVER at Zaal 100 | after the restaurant, 20:30 | Amsterdam

Fri 22 March: Mezrab, Samizdat, Stories from the Underground | doors 19:00 | A’dam

Fri 8 March: Stedelijk Museum | Feminist Open Mic at Mama Cash | 21:30 | A’dam

photo by Belinda Moody, New Orleans 2018