performances and concerts


17 April: music gig at Luna Lounge in Londen, UK. I play 20:00-21:00 and London guitarist Leslie Bell joins me in my songs. A gig before we need a visa to play there after Brexit!

8 April: Mixture at Zaal 100, Amsterdam. An evening with music and dance. I dance a duet with Barbara Pereyra (without musicians). de Wittenstraat 100, starts 21:00, €5-€10 sliding scale.

6 April: I dance in a duet with pianist Nora Mulder. An evening with improvised music and dance. De Roze Tanker. Starts 21:00. Includes a music set with Ada Rave (saxophone, bass clarinet), Aaron Lumley (double bass), Sun Mi Hong (percussion, drums) and from Czech Republic: Radim Hanousek (clarinet).

5 April: COVID-19 CANCELLATION Wonderland, dance & music performances with children and family. OT301, 15:15 0-2 & 16:15 2+

5 April: COVID-19 CANCELLATION Dance & Music performance at Dokzaal, Amsterdam. 20:30 + exhibiton of drawings by Roberta Stepankova. I take part dancing. Initiated by Roberta Stepankova with musicians from Brno, Czech Republic.

27 March COVID-19 CANCELLATION : Ditdit-dada-ditdit at De Ruimte: Beautiful tasty food and performances in between courses / i play a solo set of songs and poems

6 March: Come Together #5. Frascati 2 at 20:00 & 21:15. Short new solo work RESONANCE, testing the water tuning into songs and silence. Part of a 3 day sharing event with Amsterdam based performing artists, 5, 6, 7 March.

4 February – 9 April: FROM 16 MARCH & APRIL COVID-19 CANCELLATION performances ‘ z a c h t j e s ‘ at kindergartens in The Hague and Almere. Continuing working on dance in silence with 2-4 year olds. Organized by 2TurvenHoog and Jong Beginnen.

30 January: songs at Night of True Stories at het Wereldhuis. Donations go to het Wereldhuis to be able to provide a warm meal every day for undocumented migrants who live in Amsterdam. I play a few songs in between stories from different countries. Host is Milda Varnauskaite

24 January: poetry & songs at Samizdat night at Mezrab, stories from the underground

9 January: With my band The RIVER at DE RUIMTE in Amsterdam! With Joost Buis, Felicity Provan, Michael Vatcher, Michael Moore, Julyen Hamilton, Lily Kiara


27 November: dance + songs / I participate in ‘Pearls on a String’ a night of improvisations at Mezrab, run by Sahand Sahebdivani

17 November: solo at ZAMEN, with several poets, Zamenhofstraat 150, 1022 AG Amsterdam / 15:00

6 November: solo gig at café PONAVA, Luzanecká 3, 60200 Brno, Czech Republic / 19:00

2 November: dance solo SILENT DANCES + quintet Immediatus / Blue Balcony XI / 20:00, Brnēnská Káznice, Bratislava 68, Brno, Czech Republic

11 October: Splendor / starts 20:00 / entrance €8 online voorverkoop, €10 at door / Across the Pond Guitar Festival / Jimmy Robinson, my tour mate from New Orleans is coming to tour in Europe. We share a few gigs in Amsterdam. This festival we have been organizing in New Orleans and in Amsterdam, inviting local musicians in each place. See Splendor for more info. This time with: Jimmy Robinson (guitar), Joost Buis (lap steel guitar), Paul Pallesen (guitar), Otto Cepella (guitar), David Dramm (guitar, vocals), Lily Kiara (guitar, vocals) and Alan Gunga Purves (drums, percussion)

8 October: Witte G’eit, De Nieuwe Anita / starts 21:00 / entrance €2 (or more) / 3 acoustic sets with different artists / Jimmy Robinson, my tour mate from New Orleans is coming to tour in Europe. We share a few gigs in Amsterdam. He plays one set. I play a set in a new group with Ismail Bnaou who sings in Arabic, including some songs from the Northern part of Syria, and drummer Robbert van Hulzen.

2 October: Welcome to the Playground, Mezrab /storytelling and music in an enlarged living room set up / starts 20:00 / Jimmy Robinson, my tour mate from New Orleans is coming to tour in Europe. We share a few gigs in Amsterdam. This one is mostly Jimmy and i’ll play a little something too. Always a special night!

6 September: The Jester’s Stew, story telling night run by Raphael Rodan at Mezrab. Magical. Always. Theme this night is Freedom. I have been invited to play a few songs. Come join us! Welcome!

13 June: SISTER SISTER, a new duet with dance and music / with musician Felicity Provan (trumpet, vocals) + lights by Ellen Knops / music dance performance festival OT301 / starts 19:30, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

sister sister / lily kiara & felicity provan / photos by joost buis

Sun 9 June: solo songs / 12:00-16:00 / during Kunstroute Nieuwkoop

Tue 4 & Mon 17 June: z a c h t j e s, invitation into stillness and dance / solo performance for 2-4 / in frame of Jong Beginnen, initiated and produced by 2TurvenHoog / Kindergartens / Almere

Mon 13 May: l e i s e , invitation into stillness and dance / solo performance for 2-4 / in frame of Potsdamer Tanztage 2019 / 10:30 & 14:00 Kita Königskinder Kindergarten in Potsdam, G

Sun 21 April: Concert & Celebration / concert to celebrate my 50th birthday and for my crowdfunding campaign | Mezrab | playing with Ismail Bnaoe (vocals), Felicity Provan (trumpet, vocals), Joost Buis (lap steel guitar) + duo Ada Rave (saxophone) & Felicity Provan (trumpet) | more names will follow! | starts 20:00 | Amsterdam

Sun 14 April: Verso / Mass | literary night | i dance solo | Mezrab | starts 19:30 | A’dam

Wed 3 April: The RIVER at Zaal 100 | after the restaurant, 20:30 | Amsterdam

Fri 22 March: Mezrab, Samizdat, Stories from the Underground | doors 19:00 | A’dam

Fri 8 March: Stedelijk Museum | Feminist Open Mic at Mama Cash | 21:30 | A’dam

photo by Belinda Moody, New Orleans 2018